What should I pay attention to when using Digital Blood Pressure Cuff?

Publish Time: 2024-02-02
When using Digital Blood Pressure Cuff, you need to pay attention to the following:
Proper way to wear it: Make sure the cuff wraps flat around your arm and is moderately tight, neither too tight nor too loose. Too tight may result in high measurement results, and too loose may result in low results.
Measurement in resting state: Before measurement, make sure that the subject is in a resting state and avoid strenuous exercise, emotional excitement or stress. These factors may cause physiological fluctuations in blood pressure and affect the accuracy of the test results. .
Arm position: When measuring, the arm should be placed at the same level as the heart, avoid being too high or too low, and ensure that the cuff is consistent with the height of the heart. This helps to obtain more accurate measurements.
Avoid interfering factors: During the measurement process, keep quiet to avoid interference from external noise. In addition, other activities such as talking, eating, etc. should be avoided during the measurement process.
Check the battery and power supply regularly: To ensure measurement accuracy, the Digital Blood Pressure Cuff's battery and power supply should be checked regularly to ensure it is working properly.
Cleaning and Maintenance: The cuff should be kept clean and protected from contact with sharp objects or excessive stretching. After long-term use, if the cuff is found to be worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time.
Pay attention to cuff size: Choosing the right cuff size is very important for accurate measurements. A cuff that is too large can result in low measurements, while a cuff that is too small can result in high results. Therefore, the appropriate cuff should be selected based on the individual's arm size.
Don’t measure at injured areas: If there are scars, edema, or other abnormalities on your arm, measurements should be taken at areas other than those areas to ensure accuracy.
Keep the device dry: Before using the Digital Blood Pressure Cuff, make sure the cuff and arm are dry. Moisture may affect measurement accuracy.
Pay attention to the brand and quality of the cuff: When purchasing Digital Blood Pressure Cuff, you should choose a well-known brand and a quality-assured product. Some low-quality cuffs may not provide accurate measurements.
Regular calibration: In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, it is recommended to regularly send the Digital Blood Pressure Cuff to a professional institution for calibration.
Record measurement results: After each measurement, the measurement results should be recorded to facilitate observation and analysis of blood pressure trends.

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